About nbnbclass

About our platform is a new generation of professional consumer service website.
We use our strong purchasing advantages, rich e-commerce management service experience and advanced Internet technology to provide you with the latest clothing products.
Since its establishment, we have provided wholesale supply for a large number of international buyers, and we have been receiving consultation and negotiation requests from physical stores and online shop owners all over the country.
Since its launch, wholesale and retail compatibility has been implemented to meet the needs of different customers. Due to the cooperation request of some VIP customers, some goods in the mall will be directly directed to their shops, and these shops are assessed by us, so you can feel free to buy them.
Since its establishment, at present, the majority of shoppers are gradually demanding higher and higher cost-effective products today. We find that we must have a set of perfect purchasing and distribution system, so as to continuously improve the product quality and reduce the product price. Therefore, it is imperative to reduce the increase of intermediate link cost of product sales. Therefore, we set up an online shopping mall website, so that products can directly face consumers on the website. On the one hand, the website can provide more detailed information, historical origins and customer comments than in the store shopping, so that customers can quickly find out the products they need from a wide range of commodities; on the other hand, it can greatly reduce the operating cost of stores and reduce the price The price is transferred to the customer.
All the products that we have landed in the mall are selected from thousands of products. Each product has its own characteristics. Each product has its own characteristics. Before landing, each product is screened by the website editor. This will be our firm service principle from the beginning to the end. Promise that we promise to provide authoritative information, price and convenient shopping methods to create a new e-era shopping experience for you! We promise to operate in strict accordance with the national laws and policies. The products we operate are genuine products imported from regular channels with legal tax payment. We have a perfect system of warranty, return and after-sales service. In order to let you understand the products you need more accurately and comprehensively, we provide high-definition digital photos of real samples, detailed technical performance indicators and manufacturer's introduction for each product. At the same time, it adopts a variety of convenient payment methods and safe and fast distribution system to track orders in real time through advanced Internet technology, and ensure the security and confidentiality of each customer's information.